Salem Bird Fogging

Oregon birds, although they can be beautiful, they can be a problem when it comes to things such as crops, especially if they are your lively hood. There are many different ways to repel birds from your land, all with varying results.

One thing you do want to ensure if you are protecting crops is making sure that they are not affected and that they are still available to be sold. This can rule some pesticides out as the damage the crops, and can also harm other Salem animals such as bees.

One way to keep Salem birds out is through the use of fog. This machine dispenses a fog which doesn't harm the birds, but instead is too intense a smell for them to cope and stay clear. This is however not designed to be a long term solution, and is only meant to be a deterrent whilst a proper and more effective solution is being made, such as netting or making a greenhouse.

The good news is that you do not have to be an expert it be able to use them, and you do not need any licence to use one. Beginners and professionals to the field will be able to the fog machine, and they are available in a fair few garden centres HOWEVER it is recommended that you get a professional to use it- otherwise it may not be effective and if used without the right protection or if used inappropriately (for example if the area which you use the fog machine may be too small and so the chemicals which are there to repel the birds may cause illness due to being in a higher concentration) it may end up harming you. The best places to use big fogging machines are areas such as warehouses which are not often frequented by people. The birds which it is especially known to work against are the common pests such as seagulls, Oregon pigeons, and starlings. Whilst it is likely to work against other types of birds it is not guaranteed so the ebay thing to do is to speak to an expert who would be able to recommend what to do.

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