How to Get Salem Bats Out of a Barrel Tile Roof

If you live in an area such as the UK, bats have a protected status and is a legal nightmare to move them, as killing is a big no no. And if you are a homeowner with a barrel tile roof, you're more likely to make a home for these superhero backstory characters. But how to get them to live on is much easier.

The easiest way to tell if Salem bat is living in your house rent free is if there are mouse like droppings on the floor, and you hear and see bats flying around your house as the day draws to a close.

If it isn't during the winter months the Oregon bats are still moving about, either hunting for food and preparing for hibernation during the winter months, or raising offspring. If a bat decides to live in your house during these months it is fairly easy to get them out. Once it turns to dark place (throw) a fine net over your roof once the vats have left. This stops them from re-entering and gives you an opportunity to seal gaps that they gave found their way though.

First of all the way they get into the house is through the holes that are found in the roof. This needs to be addressed to stop them from getting back in at a later date. This can be done by using sheet metal that covers all entrances, however is still able to breathe.

If you decide that you don't want to evict them prematurely the good news is that Salem bats do move on, and they will not set up permanent homes in your property, and won't bother you too much. They may actually be beneficial, eating small insects which you may find to be a bother (such as moths).

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