Salem Wildlife and Animal Removal

Inspecting Your House for Wild Salem Animal Entry Holes

Wild Oregon animals can be a true nuisance to homeowners. They can damage people's properties or worse die in their households and provide an unpleasant stench that can be hard to remove. Furthermore they affect the quality of life of the people living in the house, and can be a serious threat to their health. One of the most important steps in removing the wild animals is finding out how they invaded it in the first place.

The exterior of the house
To check the exterior of the house for poorly screened roof vents, eave vents and places soft enough that they can chew to get themselves in you will have to use a ladder and be comfortable using it. If you are not a safe ladder climber, consider calling in a professional to do the nasty work for you. In most situations this will save you money and time, and save you from the dirty work. Professionals are available in every city or state and you can reach them by calling local Salem wildlife support.

The attic
If you decided that you are going to be the person to do the job, climbing inside the attic is the most important decision to make. You will want, however to:
• Wear a headlamp in order to see properly.
• Consider wearing a mask (if you can find one with a HEPA filter – great) in order to not breathe in toxic materials or Oregon animal feces.
• Be very careful to only walk on the wooden beams so you don't fall through. Check every corner for animal feces and every hole that there may be nests of raccoons or squirrels.

Removing the animals
Depending on the wild Salem animal involved you will need certain tools to remove them and their potential nests. If the animal is squirrel or a raccoon and has nested in your attic you may have to remove the babies of the animal. Never poison the animals, and if you are too afraid or incompetent to do the job, always consider outsourcing the problem to the professionals.

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