Wild Salem Animal Diseases

Salem animals are more often found in human households. We invaded their territory, in some cases killed off or destroyed their food so now they have no choice but to live in our neighbors seeking shelter food and water. Animals (and especially wild ones) carry unique sets of diseases that we humans can catch too.

Diseases dangerous to humans
These are the most common diseases that are dangerous to humans:

• Rabies – although widely thought that rabies is a disease of the past, it still is present in wild Oregon animals. Knowing how to treat it doesn't mean it's not lethal and dangerous to humans.
• Hantavirus – this virus includes a group of viruses that can cause illness in humans. Its symptoms are kidney, blood and respiratory ailments and can sometimes be lethal. The febrile illness often includes nausea, headaches, vomiting and muscle aches. It's usually carried by small rodents or rats
• Trichinosis – trichinosis is found in undercooked meat of wildlife or other types of Oregon animals. Its symptoms are diarrhea, sudden edema of the upper eyelids and photophobia. It is caused by a parasite that produces the illness in humans and wild and domestic animals.
• Lyme disease – Lyme disease is transmitted to humans by hard ticks. Symptoms are flu like and include nausea, slight fever, muscle and joint pain and headaches. Patients are treated with antibiotics and usually fully recover.

Learn what to worry about
Wildlife animals carry a lot of diseases with them, learning them all can be a nuisance. If you have a specific Salem animal that you're worried about you can search for their specific sets of illness that they can transmit. It's a worthy note that most of wildlife diseases are treatable and are rarely present in today's society.

Get professional help and learn what you're dealing with
If you have a specific Salem animal living near you learn how to get rid of it. Buy protective gear and disinfectants or rather call the local wildlife removal operators. Sometimes in life outsourcing your problem to the professionals may provide useful. You won't have to worry about your health and you will save time and probably money.

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